Heya there! I’m the Chief Software Architect of coderPro.net. I’ve been developing software & web applications for over 20 years & have been a digital nomad traveling the world since 2009. I'm originally from the United States, spent 9 years in Europe, and the last couple of years bouncing around South America.

Since I began my career, I've focused primarily on the Microsoft stack. I was an early adopter of .Net, starting with the first beta back in 2000 when I was an evangelist for the then-fledgling framework for the US Department of Defense. I've remained on the bleeding edge since then, being an early adopter of .Net Core, .Net 6, Blazor, and Maui. In addition to .Net I'm an Adobe Certified Profesional in ColdFusion and code in more client-side frameworks than you can shake a stick at. Should you ever need any help with programming, let me know! You can always reach out to me here.

I've been traveling the world for over a decade now preaching that people don't have to live in overpriced and overpopulated cities chained to their desks. They can finally achieve work-life balance by either simply relocating or becoming a digital nomad. It only took a global pandemic to prove me right. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about how! I wrote a great article here on Medium about my Lessons Learned from Over a Decade of Travel.

I've been a member of Medium for a while now but really haven't spent much time writing until recently (late 2022). I will be writing more about technology, travel, digital nomad life, and entrepreneurship.

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Brandon Osborne

I’m the Chief Software Architect of coderPro.net. I’ve been developing software on the Microsoft stack for 20 years & have been traveling the world for over 10!